The Book

In this book, Wonderfully Weird: Seven Strange Ways to Define a Life of Wonder, we will look at your wonderfully weird desires and how to use them to construct a wonderfully weird life plan that fits you, rather than the typical plan everybody else has for you. Your wonderfully weird plan will help you stay committed, get you ready to live a wonderfully weird life, aim your life goals toward your unique traits, give you the ability to pull the trigger to launch your life plan into reality, and set targets that will motivate you to your very best. Your wonderfully weird plan will bring you results that you have not been able to obtain. It will resolve the not-so-weird problems that seem to have turned into patterns over the years and appear to have no answers to your own happiness. Your wonderfully weird plan will empower your talents, cravings, abilities, and character to bring you results that you know you should be getting but seldom do.
You will learn seven wonderfully weird ways or steps that will direct and motivate you beyond your wonderfully weird dreams:
  • You must understand your wonderfully weird preferences.
  • You must know your wonderfully weird purpose.
  • You must link your strengths to your wonderfully weird passions.
  • You must recognize your wonderfully weird positions.
  • You must decide to make a wonderfully weird life a priority.
  • You must prepare yourself for a wonderfully weird life.
  • You must partake in this wonderfully weird life.