Wonderfully Weird

Like your thumbprint, all people are unique and wonderfully made. Every person has a great deal to offer in this Wonderfully Weird life. But little will happen the way it should unless we embark on a weird adventure that will lead us to our very best uniqueness. As a Christian this should involve, first, a strange inner investigation of how we have been made on the inside, the Wonderfully Weird Image of God within, and then develop a unique life plan centered on the certainties uncovered in that investigation. One of the strongest temptations in life, as we look around us, is to become so busy and absorbed by possessions we forget to develop our Wonderfully Weird self and life we have been created to live. Our journey must start from within. Our life road map must be suitable for us, targets that resonate within our hearts, guiding us to our deepest needs. And as we shoot for these goals, we should always use our unique gifts for the good of others as well as ourselves. For only in this way will we reach our Wonderfully Weird potential for which we were created.